Two weeks notice template

Two weeks notice template is a notice sample with predefined style and format that shows the process and procedure of writing a formal resignation letter to your employee. A well drafted two weeks notice sample can help you build up a positive relationship with your employer.


Two Weeks Notice Design

Two weeks notice needs to understand the purpose of the notice. The purpose of the two week notice is to help you maintain a positive relationship with your old employer and build up your professional reputation in your industry. In the future, you may have business connections with your previous employers; you may need your previous employer to give you a reference. Your resignation letter also provides official notice that you will terminate your employment relationship with the company.

Two week notice needs to have a clear understanding of the notice format. When writing your resignation letter, you need to know the format and key elements included in the notice. There are no universal styles, but you need to include two key elements: The first element is state the fact for your resignation and second element is to state your appreciation for the support and opportunities your employer has giving your during the past.

Two Weeks Notice Template Layout

There is free notice template you may download for reference, however, you may develop your sample two weeks notice template based on your own needs and situation if you use Word or Excel. During the design process, it is key to take into account the two weeks notice format, two weeks notice layout and two weeks notice outline in the two weeks notice example.

The first key part in the two weeks notice template is the header. In the section, you need to give details of you and your employer. For example, the Person Name:__; Person Contact Details:__; Employer Name:__; Employer Contact Details:__ etc.

The second key part in the two weeks notice sample is the main body. In the section, you need to give details of your resignation, the date and reasons. You may divide the main body into three parts. The first part state when your resignation is effective, the second part states your appreciation and thank your employer for the opportunities you have had and the third part state your support for the transition during the departure.

The last key part in the two weeks notice example is the footer. In the section, you give your signature and appreciation. For example, Sincerely Yours__; Your Signature:__ etc.