Late rent notice template

Late rent notice template is a notice sample that shows the process and procedure of informing the tenant of the past due rent. A well designed late rent notice sample can help landlord build a late rent notice form with unified style and format.

Late Rent Notice Basics

Late rent notice need to consider the format of the late rent notice letter. A late rent notice letter should be sent to the tenant if they fail to pay the rent promptly. When the tenant is a few days late in paying the rent, it is good practice to send them a reminder letter of the past due payment.

Late rent notice need to consider the types of late payment. If the tenant only fails to pay the rent on occasions due to various reasons, a reminder letter may be sufficient to solve the issue. If the tenant is regularly late paying the rent, you may wish to discuss with them changing the method of payment. However, If the tenant falls more than 14 days behind with the rent, you may choose to send them a termination notice, giving them 14 days to vacate the property. Consider the above options when dealing with late rent payment may help landlord handle the issue as easily as possible.

Late Rent Notice Template Format

There is free notice form you can download for reference; however, you may consider designing your sample late rent notice template based on the law and lease terms. During the design process, it is essential to take into account the late rent format, late rent notice layout and late rent notice outline in the late rent notice form.

The first key part in the late rent notice template is the header. In the section, you need to give details of the tenant and the date of the notice.

The second key part in the late rent notice sample is the main body. In the section, you need to give details of the past due and proper actions. For example, This letter is to inform you that we have not received your rent payment for __ which was due __, The total rent is__; Please pay the past due to___ (Give the address or account number of the landlord).

The last key part in the late rent notice form is the footer. In the section, you need to list the possible actions if the tenant fails to pay to rent. You may also give space for the signature of the landlord or the agent etc.